3 AM Drill by L3AD & Richa Chandra

3AM Drill” is a captivating musical collaboration between Richa Chandra and L3AD. Richa Chandra lends her evocative vocals to the track, delivering a performance that is both powerful and emotive, capturing the essence of the song’s themes. L3AD, serving as the composer, lyricist, and producer, crafts a meticulously layered soundscape that blends haunting melodies with dynamic beats. His lyrical prowess shines through, telling a compelling story that resonates with listeners. The production is polished and immersive, showcasing L3AD’s talent for creating a rich auditory experience. “3AM Drill” is a standout piece that highlights the synergy between Richa Chandra’s vocal artistry and L3AD’s multifaceted musical expertise

3AM Drill by L3AD & Richa Chandra Lyrics:

I could be the tempest in the night,
A thunderous force, a blinding light.
In every shadow a story to unfold,
A symphony of dreams waiting to be told .

I am my own destiny ,
A journey through the vast unknown, endlessly.

With courage as my sword and passion as my guide
I’ll conquer mountains , with the stars as my pride.

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