Refund Policy

After all the services purchased and payment has been done, we will not initiate any kind of refund to the customers. When you get ready to work with “Klaslead Productions Pvt. Ltd.” we ask you to first complete the advance payment to avail our services.

Once you have hired for our services and have done payment also. There will be no provision of any kind of full or partial refund. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this before purchasing services from our company.

Given below are the major reasons why don’t we consider for refund

  • As we provide our best services to our clients from the day they have cleared all the service charges. So we also are seeking for the genuine customers who can cooperate with us to avail all the services properly.
  • We don’t provide any refund policies because our services required man power of our hard working employees who are working just to boost your business.
  • Our hard working dedicated employees start working on your brand promotion from the day we received our service charges.
  • As we at Klaslead Productions Pvt. Ltd., Keep up high interactions with our clients and carry out the entire process with their approval only. Thus, there is no provision of any kind of full or partial refund.
  • It will be the loss of both the company (us) and the client (you) both if we stop our services for you just because of any refund policy.

Important| None of our services guarantees the following :

  • A specific amount of business.
  • A specific output from the services within a specific amount of time

However, we realize that exceptional circumstances can take place but we will not consider any kind of refund. Therefore, one needs to be aware of this major policy of our company before start working with us.

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