We turn your imagination into reality

From working on futuristic projects to toying with AI and Machine Learning, we do it all.  We are the Jacks of All Trades and for a change Masters of All! Competency with the highest efficiency is our motto. We have worked with quite a number of Top Bollywood companies and are a common name in the Music Industry.

Music Production


Welcome aboard to the La-La Land of a Musical Journey with Us! So, we actually work on various kinds of works like Bollywood Music & K-Pop projects. You still haven’t heard about our upgraded tech-savvy recording studio? This is where we conjure video production, Audio Advertisements (Jingles), Song Recordings & Arrangements, Mix-Master Services.

Web Development


The first impressions are the last impressions. So, our very own website speaks for itself! We create websites for artists, influencers & brands, and technically everyone. So, what’s Different with us? What every company does, we do it better! You want Flash-like speed? We have 3 servers. OH! Yes we are also acknowledged in our field as the best e-commerce specialists.

Social Media Management


Are you a budding artist, influencer or a brand looking out for a great break?! Well, millions of people are, but only some people do realize their dreams. We are the ones who will convert your budding dream into a reality. We have already delivered 1000000+ Followers! And are adding more to it while you are reading on!



We are conjurers of Magic in this arena. Our excellent crew of Content writers is always geared up for any challenge. We can write on all niches like beauty and wellness, food, travel, health and we are experts in music and video content. You want casual blogs, we can enchantingly create it. You want Shakespearean English; we can tailor-make it just the way you want! Your vision becomes our mission!



We have a team of wizards to make your life simpler and wonderful. Do you have an upcoming event and are you clueless about how you would host it? Don’t worry your very own; personal Aladdins are here to assist you in every way possible. We will move mountains to make the impossible possible! We have a team of excellent managers who can host DJ Events, Live Concerts, and Ticket Concerts. Unfortunately, we do not manage personal events yet.



Klaslead Academy is acknowledged the best Music Production academy locally as well as globally. Are you a budding producer or an artist who wants to curate your very own first music album? Don’t be so clueless when you know whom to approach! At Klaslead we have our very own Music Production Academy. We basically curate personalized courses exclusively for you! Join us for a fun-filled Musical Roller-coaster Ride

We are a Tech Loving Team, working 24x7 to Give flight to your Dreams!

Our entire tech team works around the clock to churn up magic to fuel up your unrealized visions and imaginations.

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Music Production
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